A contemporary art lovers’ guide to festive décor

The words ‘contemporary art’ and ‘Christmas’ may not seem like a natural match. However, any art fan will tell you how important their collection is – and there are plenty of ways to help make your contemporary art a focal point amid your festive decorating.

Here is a brief guide to choosing and using your contemporary art during the festive season…

How do I choose the right year-round art pieces?

While it’s unlikely you’ll select a piece of contemporary art simply for the Christmas period, there are ways to choose art which include festive elements that can be incorporated into your seasonal décor. Choosing the perfect contemporary art could initially feel like an uphill struggle, however.

So much of seasonally specific art appears to belong to yesteryear, with classical depictions of so-called ‘Chocolate Box’ Christmas scenes. However, a contemporary art fan needs to take a different route.

It may be tempting to buy art which is stereotypically Christmas-themed, but this will mean it only works a few weeks of the year. I’d recommend that instead of looking for obviously ‘Christmassy’ pieces, you instead focus on colour, texture, and design which evokes winter or that innate feeling of cosiness we associate with the season. Look for pieces which spark joy and provide a talking point when you gather to celebrate the festive season.

Sourcing the right art piece

There are lots of fantastic places to find contemporary art for sale, from art fairs through to scouring the web for the best online art sellers. Be sure to carefully check practicalities (such as dimensions) to make sure there is enough room in your home for your artwork.

In addition, when you buy art it is important to think of how it will work aesthetically with the rest of your décor.

How can I commission a new artwork?

Commissioning a piece of contemporary art is a fantastic way to work directly with a contemporary artist. I always discuss requirements with my clients and check they are happy with the direction of the piece while proceeding. I am also a strong advocate for ensuring clients feel truly connected to an artwork I create for them.

The festive season is a great time to think about adding to your art collection or devising a one-of-a-kind art gift for a friend or family member – to discuss a new commission, simply contact me via info@oliverjameswatt.com or send me a message on my contact form.