About Me


Contemporary British artist Oliver Watt was born in Suffolk and currently lives and works in Surrey, England. Oliver has been involved in the art world since a young age, and completed his Visual Arts Degree at Middlesex University. His artworks are predominantly abstract in style and characterised by textured earthy tones and harmonious colours. His works are collected worldwide and exhibited in many high profile establishments, which showcase his unique talents. Oliver’s pieces are snapshots of his artistic perception of his inspiration – be it feelings, images, words evoked from a literature or his visualisation of skylines.

Oliver’s style evolved from a pursuit of looking at life in different ways. I’m inspired to create meaningful pieces of work so the viewer has a connection with each painting. I feel it’s important, this might be from my inspiration behind the painting, which the viewer can appreciate, or it might create a feeling or an emotion. My paintings are largely an autobiographical, an observation of the constant transformation of ideas and experiences that reflect my life. I immerse myself in each painting and go beyond myself, the process is self-revealing. I use this process to investigate, explore, manipulate and revere the way in which we perceive the world. I visualise what I want to achieve without the knowledge of how the piece will eventually be complete. My journey begins with a feeling, then thought; shape and colour follow with the harmony between texture and composition. Each painting is unique and I believe every individual person should find his or her own connection with my work.

Oliver undertakes commissions and works with clients to translate their ideas to create unique pieces for individuals and companies.