A Closer Look At The 6 Elements Of Abstract Art

The 6 Elements Of Abstract Art. As an artist, I find that the key elements of abstract art feed into every piece that I create. Yet for those who aren’t familiar with this artistic style, it can seem as if there’s no rhyme or reason to my work. In fact, it couldn’t be further from the case. There is most definitely meaning in the madness, and when you understand the six elements of abstract art the pieces take on a whole new meaning.

All pieces of artwork have their own visual vocabulary to give them interest and structure, and that vocabulary is composed of six key elements, namely texture, line, form, shape, value and colour. If you look at any paintings of abstract art, you’re sure to see that one or more of those elements will be evident, bringing its own characteristics into play and making the piece even more interesting.

Playing With Line In Contemporary Art

Line is one of the six key elements of abstract contemporary art. Yet it can have different characters, from rhythmic to lyrical and from aggressive to subtle. A single piece can contain several kinds of line, transitioning between types depending on the message of the piece. Line is especially useful for portraying movement in abstract paintings.

Using Texture To Create Energy

Texture is an extremely versatile element that can be used to create a host of different effects in modern abstract paintings. The most interesting thing about texture is that it can be used either randomly or in a controlled way to imbue your art with energy.

Shape And Form, Working Hand In Hand

All pieces of art include an element of shape, and this also ties into space and line. At its most basic, shape refers to an enclosed area, and if it is in three dimensions, form comes into play. As an artist, I see shapes in almost everything, whether organic or geometric, and the qualities and character that those shapes impart to an painting give it overall meaning.

Colour In Art

Colour lies at the very heart of all paintings and, arguably, is their most vital element since it can set the mood for the viewer, from stark and cold to inviting and warm. As an artist, colour is one of the most versatile and exciting ways to bring a painting to life, expressing the thoughts and feelings that I want to convey on the canvas.

Value And Tone

Value and tone are terms that are used interchangeably and essentially mean how dark or light the paint is if the colour is stripped away. An artist who understands clearly how value can be used will be able to ensure the viewer receives the message that they are trying to convey. While some pieces use a limited tonal range, others will have stark contrasts to highlight the intentions behind the piece.

Understanding Contemporary Abstract Art

Modern abstract art in interior design is becoming increasing popular, so having an idea of the six key elements that go into composing a piece of abstract art can make all the difference. When you understand the message the artist is conveying, you can truly appreciate the artwork.

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