How to Select the Perfect Abstract Art for Your Home

Interior design specialists are often asked by their clients how to select the perfect abstract art for their homes. Abstract pieces have now become a popular choice when it comes to art for interiors, but selecting the correct piece for each space can be a challenge.

A piece of abstract art should define your personality and create character in your home, but how do you go about choosing pieces that work well in each room? Here, I’m bringing you some advice to help you make good choices for you.

Pay Attention To Your Feelings

Before you choose any pieces, stop and pay attention to what you’re feeling as you look at the textures and colours before you. What are they saying to you? Do they make you feel joyful? Excited? Happy? Negative? Critical? Annoyed?

Next, you need to think about the feelings you’d like to have in the space that you’re decorating. Whatever you’re feeling as you look at their abstract art painting for the first time is almost certainly going to be the same emotion that it brings into your home, so if it doesn’t invoke the right emotions then overlook it and continue your search.

Choose Something You Like

It sounds a little absurd, but it’s important to choose pieces that you actually like and not pieces that you believe you should like. Art and interior design may go hand in hand, but while home décor may (and even should) adhere to specific rules, you can opt for more eclectic and unusual choices for your walls. Abstract art allows you to express yourself through texture, content and colour so don’t be afraid to make a statement about yourself and your individual flair by selecting pieces that speak personally to you.

Find Out More About The Artist

If you get to know more about the artist who created the piece, you’ll gain a better understanding of the work’s individual content and its context. If you’re able to actually meet the artist that’s wonderful, but even if you can’t there’s plenty of research you can do to find out everything you need to know. From Google searches to online artist profiles, it’s relatively simple these days to read more about the people who made each piece and what inspires them to create their works.

Commission Your Own Piece

Perhaps the best way to ensure you’ve chosen the perfect piece of abstract art for your home is to get a piece commissioned especially for you. This will guarantee that it will be the perfect shape and size for your room and will have been created specifically to suit you as an individual.

By working from mood boards, fabrics, colour palettes, literature inspiration and wall colours, I am best-placed to advise you about the perfect works to complement your space.

When I work on commissioned pieces of abstract art I work closely with you as a client to interpret your own ideas and colour choices, taking all the necessary time to understand precisely what you require and any concepts that you may want to express.