Commission Art, Commission Art, Commission Art!!


I was asked to complete two commission art pieces this week so it has kept me very busy. Both paintings had very different perspectives, for both the inspiration and objectives were given to me from the clients. It’s very interesting working on bespoke pieces as I get use someone else’s ideas and inspirations. The clients don’t get to see the painting until it’s usually finished, so it can be a bit scary for me, and for them, but its very rewarding and if they are happy with the final piece its even better.

The first piece I worked on was for a client who has a great passion and interest in music and in particular there was a specific classical piece which had they have attachment to. After some brief researching we agreed it would make great stimulus for the commission. The specific piece of music was called ‘O For the Wings of a Dove’ – if you don’t know this song it was written by Mendlessohn in 1844. The song is the second half of a much longer piece (called Hear My Prayer), which falls into four distinct sections, creating a mini-drama. The final section in the drama moves into a mood of contemplation and prayer, ‘the narrator expresses his profound desire to fly from the turmoil and find a quiet, sheltered and peaceful place to dwell’. It was this message which best captured the essence of the piece and it was the stimulus for the painting.

On the left of the painting it vividly shows the turmoil through, textures, brush strokes and direction. The right side moves into a more peaceful conclusion, quiet, sheltered and calm. I also tried to capture an impression of the dove moving from the turmoil into the more peaceful part.

Feedback from the client ‘The result is not only a fabulous piece of art but also something that really ‘speaks’ to me and that I feel a deep connection with.