Five Must-Visit Contemporary Art Galleries Across The World

There’s nothing better than stumbling across contemporary art galleries that inspire you. If you are planning a getaway this summer, then this is a guide to some of the world’s most game-changing galleries.

Supporting emerging and established artists is very important. They are cultivating and shaping our modern art environment. Each contemporary artist hosts a unique experience with their artistic character at the forefront of the show. If you’re a lover of art, let wanderlust guide you into the most highly regarded and recommended contemporary galleries.

Site Gallery, Sheffield

Firstly, Site Gallery is in the heart of Sheffield and features contemporary art from around the world. It hosts exhibitions that evolve from moving images, new media and performance. The beautiful large-scale gallery is home to a dedicated projects space. Not only this but the new facade and main entrance lead nicely around the gallery. There is even a quaint cafe and shop.

Named the City of Ideas, the Site Gallery has been working to connect communities in the Cultural Industries Quarter. It is supported by the Art Councils Ambition for Excellence fund. The project includes the development of street art. Consequently, art appears on walls around the area.


The Kroller-Muller Museum, The Netherlands

As well as hosting the second largest Van Gogh collection, this beautiful experience will take you through one of Europe’s largest sculpture gardens. Not only this but with over 160 sculptures, you can cycle through the garden and encounter the awe-inspiring Kijk Uit Attention. The ‘Look Out Attention’ is a stairway through the trees – not to be missed!


U’mista Cultural Centre, Canada

Dedicating to keeping the Kwakwaka’wakw culture alive, this unique museum combines both historical and contemporary collections. Travelling exhibitions displayed are of significance to the community. The side of the building itself has a native wall mural. In addition to this, there are distinctive totems and famous potlatch masks on site.


Contemporary By Angela Li, China

Finally, the Contemporary is an often avant-garde gallery which hosts well know Chinese artists. The gallery is a maze of beautiful work. There is so much to learn and take in. An example of the work there is an exhibition spotlighting Hong Kong’s bamboo scaffolding and the impressive wrappings. When the artist, Peter Steinhauser first saw these building, he thought they were an art installation. Surprisingly real, these structures will show the essence of Hong Kong and take your breath away.


Galeria 111, Portugal

Located in Lisbon, Galeria 111 showcases stunning contemporary artworks from both nationally and internationally renowned artists such as the Brazilian artist, Alex Flemming. However, there are regular host artists such as Paula Rego and Antonio Dacosta. The gallery was established in 1964 and because of this, is one of the oldest galleries in Portugal.

If you are visiting Galeria 111, why not add Wozen gallery to your itinerary? Wozen, short for World Citizen, is another contemporary art gallery in Lisbon which focuses on emerging artists and creative potential.


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