How To Incorporate Contemporary Art Into A Traditional Home

When contemporary art galleries feel so clean, spacious and minimalistic. It is easy to believe that contemporary art is only for the well-lit, stark, white walls of modern homes. However, contemporary and abstract art doesn’t have to be so pretentious. While new, modern homes can be the perfect setting to put the spotlight on contemporary art, you may be surprised by how well you can incorporate this style in more traditional homes and décors.

So, how can you use contemporary artwork in a more traditional home setting?

Brighten Up

Traditional homes will often have muted colour tones. With rooms already filled with colour, you may think contemporary artwork will clash with your existing pieces. However, by sticking with the same base tones of your colour scheme, you may actually find that contemporary art really brightens up a room.

With a new, brighter image as a focal point, it can offer your living space a fresh perspective.

To do this, you may need to step outside of your comfort zone. While it may not feel natural, to begin with, it is amazing how quickly artwork can make itself at home.

Go Minimalist

Contemporary art doesn’t have to be busy and clash with your traditional furnishings. There are lots of monochrome and minimalist pieces that are incredibly effective and poignant while making it easy to complement your existing interior design.

If you feel your home already has too many colours and shades, then monochrome can take away the concern of colour-clashing. Furthermore, monochrome pieces can look great in traditional kitchens and bathrooms, where artwork works best being simple and effective.

Abstract In The Bedroom

In traditional bedrooms which are usually relatively functional, a large abstract piece can be a great way to feed the imagination and create a stunning focal point. Whether positioned high above the bed or set as the first thing you see when you wake up, adding a complex piece that fuels the brain can do wonders for your creativity.

No wall space? Then invest in a large canvas piece that you can prop up against the wall while resting on the floor. The angle of the art will add another exciting dimension to the piece too.

So whether your home is country cottage, 1920s spacious or Victorian terrace, you may be surprised at how well contemporary art can fit into a traditional space.