Hoteliers – ‘The new art galleries’

Hotel Art

Hoteliers have been incorporating art within their establishments for centuries, it’s nothing new.

However, high end 5 star hotels are starting to take this very seriously. They take innovative steps to provide their guests with a way of enhancing their experience in the hotel, tapping into subconscious depths that no customer service or helpful concierge can reach.

Outside the frame

Hotels are “thinking outside the frame” and are investing lots of money in their rooms and lobbies that are now doubling up as art galleries. Art should compliment the culture in which the hotel is immersed in, embracing a foreign journey for a lot of guests from overseas. And for those who have very little to no time to take in the sights of the new place or enjoy the cultural and artistic benefits of going to a museum, an art-filled hotel is their best alternative.

In the Rosewood Hotel in Holborn; One of London’s ultra luxury hotels, art is used to create a journey for each guest. The second you walk into the lobby you’re greeted with everything from huge jaw dropping wall paintings and abstract art to sculptures and towers of toy sized Mini coopers. Moving from the lobby to your room as you travel through the corridors, you pass a plethora of contemporary and modern paintings, often tempting you to stop and stare at the walls.

Hotel Rooms

Then you get to your room; The collection of prints and wall paintings are in harmony with the sumptuous seating and sculptures, blending colours and textures to make a seamless flow. This is no coincidence, interior designers spend a lot of consideration on the careful placement of art on their blank canvas that is the hotel. The more daring and bold the hotel art, the more people remember their stay. The more people remember their stay, the more the hotel is talked about.

The experience

Art that asks for the interest and contemplation of the guests encourages them think more deeply about the experience they had within the establishment.

So, to put it simply, art adds a new level of depth to the guests experience which is invaluable to the hotel, and can create not only a returning customer, but a plenitude of new customers.

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