How I work with Interior Designers and clients to create beautiful spaces

One of the joys of painting is seeing my work within its new setting and marveling at how much it enhances a room.

I have a lot of experience working with interior designers and clients to create paintings that enhance new or existing spaces.

Interior designers and clients often ask me to create works that will become a focal point in the room, this is usually done by introducing colours, textures and tones which work away from the interior colour scheme. By using colours that are contrasting to the room interior, paintings become prominent within the space adding additional interest to the interior space.

Another consideration is the size of painting, by introducing large works, it can have a big impact on the interior space even without using contrasting colours.

To enhance rooms and create harmonious spaces I often create paintings that utilise the colours, fabrics and furniture of the interior space. By utilising the colours of the interior space my paintings work alongside the interior theme and compliment the room.

Clients often choose from existing works that will compliment the interior space or they will commission new paintings where I can work to a brief.

I worked with one of the UK’s top interior design companies, Jenny Allan Design. The company wanted three paintings that would compliment the grey and soft pastels within the interior spaces. Jenny chose three different paintings from my exisiting works where the colours and theme worked harmoniously with the interior spaces.

oliver watt

Oliver Watt the shard

‘The Shard by night’

This London scene I produced utilises a dark colour pallete with hints of grey’s and metalic silvers. The piece became a focal point in the space due to it’s size but utlised the grey and silver tones to compliment the furnishings.

oliver watt

Oliver Watt Movement


The soft tones and contrast of the darker areas really picked up on elements of the furnishings. The gentle tones of the painting added interest to the interior space but wasnt over powering.

oliver watt

Interior Design Paintings


A very gentle composition utilising a soft colour palette to perfectly blend with the furnishings and wall colours in the room.

oliver watt

Its very rewarding when I see my work in completed projects, it’s a joy to know that your work helped bring together a space and even better knowing your work will be enjoyed by people.

Jenny was very happy with the commisions, it’s a great example of the magic that happens when artists and interior designers collaborate.

I’m always happy to discuss projects and undertake commissions, I always strive to produce work that you will love. Please fill in my contact form should you want to discuss your project or commision.

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