How To Have A Contemporary Christmas

For some people, the traditions of tinsel, sparkling lights and age-old decorations are what Christmas is all about. However, for others, there is nothing worse than tasteless tat that doesn’t look good or bring joy. More and more people are doing away with the tired and dated decorations and welcoming a new modern and contemporary approach for Christmas. If you’re looking for contemporary Christmas inspiration, here are the best ideas out there;


Beach Christmas

If you dream of a sun-drenched Christmas rather than a white Christmas, then bring the coast to your home. You can banish sparkle and chintz and welcome cool blue shades and sandy hues. A nautical theme is an original theme for Christmas, but it is one that guests will love. Add in a beach-style rug, update your cushion covers to raw cotton or blue tones. Add rattan or straw furniture in natural hues to complement the vibe.

You can find some fantastic coastal Christmas inspiration here.


Both stylish and understated, a monochrome look is a classic, contemporary Christmas design. However, why not switch it up and do grey and white rather than the standard black and white? Think crisp, calming white with sheepskin style rugs, icicles rather than baubles for the tree and add in grey accents. Grey accents could be vases, dinner plates, or candles. You could even spray paint fir cones in grey hues to make a stylish table decoration.

You can also switch up your artwork in the home to match your contemporary monochrome finish to ensure your theme stays consistent.

Check out these some of these grey and white Christmas styles for inspiration.

Go Nordic

Start your theme with a minimalistic approach, removing any clutter. Then focus on a Scandinavian theme of fur, wood and fire. Consider bare branches and natural wood but then add cosiness with soft furnishings all in natural beige and cream hues. A bare twine wreath can look stunning and is easy to make while you can add a fur-lined stocking for your nod to Christmas.

Find some great inspiration here, if you would like to shop for items then Etsy has some beautiful Nordic decorations which you can find here.

Neon Nights

You don’t have to stay with the traditional red, green, gold and silver for the festive season. Instead, give Christmas a throwback to the neon nineties and include big bold flashes of colour. Acid yellow to fluorescent pink; anything goes! Add some vibrantly abstract contemporary art to the walls and ensure to draw to focus on the artwork with accent lighting, your neon Christmas is perfect for parties.

There is some excellent neon decoration inspiration here; we love the neon-painted fir cones.

In Summary

So, if you want to showcase your contemporary style while still ensuring a festive spirit, why not try your own take on one of these ideas? If you have any other contemporary Christmas ideas or DIY decorations, add them in the comments below.