How to integrate abstract art in your home

How to integrate abstract art in your home

Stylish, contemporary and personalised; abstract art is beautiful. However, it is one of the art forms that is very difficult to integrate into the home seamlessly. People worry about that the art they’re adding to their home is pretentious or perhaps become overzealous and the house is no longer the home but an abstract art gallery.

Step outside your comfort zone

“Creativity takes courage” Henri Matisse

Instead of thinking that abstract art will overpower a room, consider what it will bring to the room. Most abstract artists and abstract portraits are designed to give you a fresh perspective and invoke feelings.

If an art piece makes you feel tranquil and relaxed, consider it a welcome addition to the bedroom, complementing the room as a place to unwind and rest. Similarly, if you feel invigorated and inspired by a piece then work it into a place where you can use the inspiration to your advantage. Be brave and focus on the attributes that the art brings rather than worrying about the piece itself.

Famous or bespoke?

“The principles of true art is not to portray, but to evoke” Jerzy Kosinski

Famous abstract art is a worthy addition to your home, but instead of considering what’s popular and well-known, consider what colours, hues and palettes you want in your room. For abstract art, it is crucial to strike the delicate balance of harmony and also contrast.

Despite abstract art being considered ‘out there’. When adding abstract pieces to your home, you want to look for pieces that complement your setting. Bespoke pieces may be easier to integrate into your home as you can commission the colours and feelings you want to portray but can also explain your home environment to help create a piece that is in keeping your home.

Remember, abstract art is not only for modern settings, but it also works in period and traditional homes too.

Feel inspired?

“A picture is a poem without words” Horace

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