Incorporating Abstract Impressionism Into Interior Design


Incorporating Abstract Impressionism Into Interior Design

Powerful, emotive and free. Abstract impressionism is a dominant art movement. It began in America after the war and is an art movement made famous by esteemed artists such as Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko, Franz Kline and Louise Bourgeois.

While abstract art is bold and expressive, it doesn’t mean it is designated to the plain walls of an art gallery in order to thrive. Abstract impressionism is perfect for interior design and can both bring a room to life while also complementing other design features.

Abstract impressionism can use many different and vibrant colours to create an emotion and to tell a story. If you want to add a piece of dominating abstract impressionist art to your interior design, then you shouldn’t shy away from the use of colour, textures and objects around the art, you can still be cohesive and harmonise the artwork into your home.

While you may feel a minimalist approach works better so the abstract impressionism can shine and take centre stage, you may find that too much focus on the piece can give you an impression of an unfinished room.

Top tips for incorporating abstract impressionism into your interior design

  1. Use an analogous colour scheme, don’t leave spaces bare
  2. Art should challenge you, place it somewhere unconventional
  3. Think of its purpose, and incorporate other pieces that complement its emotive state.

Remember, abstract impressionism has more than looks, take the time to add it seamlessly to your room to realise its maximum potential.