Interior Design and Contemporary Art

Contemporary art

Contemporary art is becoming the new secret weapon for interior designers. Gone are the days of sifting through a huge range of colour charts, painstakingly trying to find a colour scheme that works.

Walls can be kept neutral and to allow the colours and textures of wall art to be showcased and speak to those in the room at volume. Abstract art can add depth and dimensions that is impossible to achieve by using any wall paint.

Interior Designers

Today, interior designers are pushing the limits of how art can enhance a room. Art used to be an afterthought, be it trying to tie up loose ends in colour schemes or filling in a gap somewhere. But now, it is being thoughtfully incorporated within the early stages of design, with the room almost being designed around the art.

This gives you a room with structure, noticeable sophistication and luxury.

The relationship

The relationships between interior designers and contemporary artists are becoming increasingly important; No different to the relationship between an architect and builder, so the synergy between the artist and designer can make everyone’s life a lot easier.

Bespoke commissions are now enabling the home owner to create their own style, meaning they offer their guests a completely unique experience when visiting their home. This experience is invaluable to many. Now there is less focus on how big the house is or how many bottles of fine wine there are in the cellar, and more focus on the art itself. It creates conversation between a group of friends waiting for the dinner to be cooked, and contemplation for those standing by themselves swilling a glass of wine or smoking a cigar.

Abstract art can encourage someone to think about their stay in the guests home on a much deeper level than any painted wall, giving them a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.


Art is an integral part of interior design and should always be given the time and respect that it deserves. It can make your home much more than a place to stay!

If you have an idea for a bespoke commission and would like to turn the idea into an art piece for your home, Oliver would be happy to discuss this with you so you can turn your dream into a reality.