New Year, New Décor: Top Tips For Decorating With Contemporary Art In 2020

With a new year underway, now is the perfect time to start planning your home improvements for 2020. So, if you want to bring style, art and a contemporary finish to your interior design, but not sure where to start, then this post is here to help. Whether you want to transform your home entirely or want to add a fresh touch, contemporary art is a great place to start.

Contemporary art can, at first, seem daunting to incorporate into your interior design. However, by following these top tips, you can use contemporary art to create a stylish, interest and timeless appeal to your home.

Select your artwork

Decorating With Contemporary Art In 2020; Whether busy and vibrant or cool and calming, the contemporary art that you select has to be something you love, first and foremost. Don’t choose your artwork based on your interior and what ‘will go’. Instead, focus on what really speaks to you.

When you select your artwork, then consider which room is the best fit. Soft, flowing and fluid designs can be great for relaxing spaces such as the bedroom and bathroom. Geometric, bold and abstract styles are great to make a statement in the lounge, dining room, hallway and kitchens.

Make a statement

If you have chosen a large, statement piece of art, then your interior design needs to let the artwork hold the room. A monochrome design is perfect for this. So, choose a neutral palette and carry this throughout the room. Greys can work wonders with this to make the colours in the artwork really stand out. Then you have the artwork making a strong singular statement, that creates a timeless appeal.

Create a gallery

If you have a collection of artworks that you want to display, then a gallery wall can work wonders with this. Keep the flow of the artwork by adding a range of sizes and hanging on the wall in an abstract fashion. Remember, there are no rules for where to hang each piece of art; a haphazard pattern will add more to your contemporary finish.

Floor art

A new trend for decorating with contemporary art is to choose a piece that is oversized and then, instead of hanging, place it on the floor, propped up against a wall. This often works best with canvas pieces. With framed artwork, because the art is at a slight angle, it may reflect the light, making it harder to see the art in all of its glory.

Focus on undertones

You don’t have to match your furniture and artwork. Instead, keep the flow of the room by keeping consistent undertones between the art and the furniture. You don’t have to hunt for the perfect match. Focusing on a complementing palette will work much better at creating a stylish finish rather than a matching finish which can look too orderly.

With these five tips, you can start to transform your home into an art haven. By letting the art take centre stage, your room will always be on-trend.