Painting night skylines

The Beauty Of Night Skyline Painting.

Night skyline painting produces some of the most iconic works of art. You need only consider Van Gogh’s and Edvard Munch’s Starry Night paintings to realise how these works can resonate with people for years. Furthermore, there can be so many interpretations and artistic styles to showcase the night sky in a unique and memorable way.

So, when you next look at a painting of the night sky here are some things to consider, that might help to deepen your appreciation for these magnificent works of art.

The Colours

By the nature of what they are showing us, night skyline painting relies on the use of a darker palette. The use of these dark blues and blacks are strikingly contrasted with the whites and yellows used for the light from windows and stars. This stark contrast can help to create pieces that are modern in appearance as well as eyecatching. 

The Mood

The night has always been a fertile source of imagination. The night brings mystery and romance. At the same time, it can bring tranquillity or vitality. Night skyline paintings bring all of this to the spaces where they hang. 

A night skyline painting is a beautiful way to set the mood in a space. As creations that came from the dark, they also change the atmosphere as the time of day changes. During the day, they give a glimpse of what is to come. They offer the peace and calm of the warm blanket of night. Once night time arrives though the lights and life inside these paintings come to the foreground. The paintings begin to speak of adventures and excitement, waiting for you in a place that never sleeps.

The Cities

Looking at the skyline of a city can instantly transport you there. It tells you a lot about the character of the place. Cities like New York, Kuala Lumpur, Tokyo, Paris, and London are all recognisable from the most basic sketches of their skyline. Pictured in daylight, these show the shape of the cities and the magnificence of engineering and architecture.

But, when you transform these iconic views into night skyline paintings, they add a new dimension. Not only can you still identify the city, and get a taste of its character, but you can also feel the life of the place. At night the lights represent people and energy in these cities. People out enjoying every moment of their life, and revelling in the freedom of the darkness.

Perhaps it’s no surprise that night skyline painting of cities like London is so popular. There are so many iconic buildings and structures on the London skyline that can be given new life and meaning when placed in the context of the night. For example, the London Eye, or Tower Bridge are two features of the London skyline that are popular in night time paintings. These are places that I’ve definitely drawn inspiration from to create some of my favourite night skyline paintings which you can see here.

Create Your Own Contemporary Night Skyline Painting

If there is an iconic night skyline view that means a lot to you, I can paint this for you in a contemporary and abstract way. I accept painting commissions and will be happy to transform your favourite view into a unique, impactful and bespoke work of art. To start your commission, click here.