Sites to browse for your next contemporary art commission

Art is one of the best ways to express your creative flair. There’s no need to visit a gallery in person to organise your next contemporary art commission – simply browse the following fantastic galleries to source art for interiors that really dazzles.

Gagosian (New York)

This gallery includes locations throughout New York, as well as additional bases everywhere from Beverly Hills to major metropolises like London and Paris. Each venue has its own distinct flavour, whilst still maintaining the Gagosian brand.

Anyone seeking stunning art for interiors will be spoilt for choice, with premium offerings from some of the world’s finest contemporary artists.

Each venue also offers a regular series of exhibitions, which can be researched and explored online. The Gagosian website features a lengthy list of artists with who the galleries work, as well as information about their creative output. This is a great way to choose the artist suitable for your next acquisition.

Museum of Contemporary Art (Tokyo)

Tokyo’s Museum of Contemporary Art is another fantastic place to browse on the web. Whether you’re looking to buy art or simply want to discover great new artists with a real creative flair, its website is easy to navigate while retaining a playfulness that is rare in the art space.

One of the best resources the site offers is the Art Library, which collects literary and exhibition artefacts on the topic of contemporary art, before sharing them with the public at large. This is sure to provide some artistic inspiration for your next art commission.

Stedelijk Museum (Netherlands)

The Stedilijk Museum is home to a wealth of spectacular contemporary art, and a great location to source an art commission. The gallery routinely works with some of the best contemporary artists around the globe, and the website itself is rather comprehensive.

You’ll find research, stories, and an online collection to browse through, serving up plenty of inspiration.

MAXXI (Italy)

This lavish Italian contemporary art museum has tons of design flair and ample opportunity to search for a new commission. There’s information about prior and upcoming exhibitions throughout the site. Even if you’re not able to jet out to Italy in person, there should still be enough beautiful imagery here to form the catalyst of something new and exciting with an artist whose work you truly love.

I hope some of the above sources provide you with some inspiration for a commission you might have in mind, do get in touch to discuss your project or individual pieces. My commission information can be found here.